Are You Working with the Right Buyer’s Agent?  

How do you know if you are working with the right buyer’s agent? 

I’ve created a list of qualities that will help you evaluate the services that you receive as a buyer from your real estate agent (you deserve the best!).  

Here are five qualities to look for in a buyers agent. 

Number 1 – They listen

 A good agent will listen to your needs and wants and narrow your search to those types of homes to make the process seamless for you. 

Number 2 -They are on top of new listings 

Your agent should be scouring the current and coming soon listings to make sure you view any available homes as soon as they hit the market.  This attention to the market will ensure that you can be the first one to make an offer in a very competitive market.

Number 3  -They answer their phone

A tell-tell sign of a committed agent is how responsive they are when you reach out. If you’ve got potential properties to see or real estate related questions, a good agent is there to help you out, answer your messages, and take your calls.

Number 4 -Other Agents like working with them

 Your real estate agent must have good relationships with the other agents in the area. Those relationships go a long way to help secure a home, especially in the common multiple offer situation.

Number 5 – They know how to negotiate

Your agent has to be able to negotiate the best possible purchase price for you. They’ll also negotiate all reasonable credits and repairs for the client.

Good agents are like gems! They should shine with their skills and effort, and make sure you have the most stress-free successful real estate experience possible.  If you’ve got questions about these tips or any other real estate matter, I’m here to help! 

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