Why the San Fernando Valley is a Real Estate Hotspot

The San Fernando valley currently has a thriving real estate market. From Sherman Oaks to Burbank these areas are very desirable.  The Valley is so wide that it plays host to a seemingly infinite number of cultures and has its own flavor independent of LA. There are many reasons the valley is such an attractive area to live from being a great place for both singles and families to being very conveniently situated.  

Here are 5 reasons that make the valley a real estate “hot spot”. 

1) More “Bang” for your “Buck” 

You get more for your money in the valley. More square footage, larger lots and high-end homes for lower sales prices than over the hill and the west side. Although this may not be the case for long with prices rising very consistently in the Valley for the last 10 years.

2) Families Love the Valley 

The valley is perfect for families with excellent public and private schools. In the latest U.S. News & World Report annual ranking of the best public schools in the United States, dozens from the San Fernando Valley have risen to the top.   For fun, families can also choose from a variety of adventures to enjoy together. For example, you can spend a day in nature at the Wildlife Adventure Center or enjoy some paintball action at the  Combat Paintball Park. You’ll also find numerous green spaces as well as sports, art, theater, and dance programs throughout the valley.

San Fernando valley real esate

3) Location Location Location…  

The valley is convenient for commuters to almost every area of Los Angeles. It also has many office buildings, hospitals, medical facilities, and pretty much everything you would need without having to leave the area.

4) Talk about Convenience… 

Grocery stores, restaurants, shops, and boutiques are everywhere and many are within minutes of people’s homes. The Valley feels safe, walkable, and friendly. It’s teeming with amenities not only when it comes to food and shopping, but also outdoor recreational areas. Your options are abundant which makes life very convenient indeed. 

5) Entertainment Industry Appeal 

Many of the studios and entertainment offices are in the valley which makes it a great place for writers, actors, producers, and entertainment executives to live and work nearby.  In fact, film director Paul Thomas Anderson, who was born and raised in the Valley, paid homage to the area in his 1999 movie Magnolia.

Without a doubt, the San Fernando Valley is a great place to live! 

To learn more about real estate and specific neighborhoods in the Valley, just send me a text or give me a call at 310-600-8229. I am happy to help you learn about this wonderful place my family and I love and call home. 

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