Quick Fixes to Make Your Home More Marketable

Quick Fixes to Make Your Home More Marketable

Marketing a home does not have to include an expensive and lengthy remodel. There are many quick fixes that sellers can do to create the ideal atmosphere in a home to attract buyers. I’ve created a list of some top “quick fixes” that you can do when preparing your home for a sale.

  1. Easy Kitchen Update 

The kitchen is often located at the center of the house and is the heart of the home.  This makes it the emotional center for many families. For people touring a home, therefore, the feel of the kitchen is very important. If the vibe of the kitchen is off it can sour the overall impression of the entire house for potential buyers. So it’s important to make the kitchen feel fresh and inviting. 

You can do this simply with some inexpensive new items, such as new hardware, simple art, and accessories.  A new light-colored coat of paint can also freshen up the space. Make sure you keep countertops clear with minimal items used for decoration. 

  1. Clear Closets

Buyers are usually checking out how much storage there is in a potential home. They may not go around measuring each closet but they are probably making a mental “storage space calculation” when touring a home.   You can make storage feel ampler simply by cleaning out closets to make them look bigger. If you open a closet door and it’s jammed packed, it going to give the impression of not enough storage space. Conversely, if you have neat and tidy items occupying all of the closets the mental picture for buyers becomes one of more than enough storage options in a home. 

  1. Remove Personal Items 

If you are like most homeowners, you’ve probably made your home space perfect for you.  You’ve added just the right touches and sentimental items that reflect you and your family’s life and personal tastes.  Unfortunately, this kind of decorating can be a turn-off for potential buyers. People need to be able to imagine themselves living in space when considering a purchase.  Think of turning your home into a model home “showroom” by removing family photos, sentimental items, family heirlooms, and anything with your name or identifying marks on it. 

  1. Put Non-Essentials in Storage 

Anything you can do to make a home feel open, airy, and spacious will help the space to be inviting and give buyers the impression that the home has more than enough space for them to live in and feel comfortable. Remove any extra items to make the space feel spacious.  If you have anything in the home beyond basic furniture and minimal decor, it’s best placed in a storage unit. It may be a challenge to live without these items during the time the home is on the market, however, it can pay off.

If you take the time to implement these quick fixes in your home you’ll increase your chances for quick and profitable sales. 

As a seller’s agent, I’m your trusted advisor helping you implement these and many other tactics to help you find the right buyer and get top dollar for your listing.  

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