My Top 5 Home Staging Tips

Let’s talk home staging!

Did you know (according to recent U.S. research) that home staging can reduce a listing’s time on the market by one third to one half?  The sales price can also be as much as 6% to 20% higher than an empty home or a home that is not staged.

Home Staging

Home Staging Tips

I’m going to break down for you what exactly home staging is and give you some tips on how to do it right. 

Let’s start with the basics. 

Home staging is one of the best ways to make a home most appealing to the highest number of potential buyers.  Staging improves a property’s overall appeal by making the space welcoming, attractive, and highlighting it’s best features. A properly staged home helps a buyer envision themselves living in and enjoying the home they are viewing, giving them more incentive to buy.  

Most people hire a professional home stager because a good stager understands what will work within the current market—from flooring that buyers will love to paint colors and furniture arrangement that can make even an unrenovated space feel updated and modern.

Here are some tips that will help when deciding who and how to have your home staged. 


  1. Choose a Stager that Know Your Home Style

Choose a stager that works with the style of home (modern, transitional, mid-century, traditional) you have. Sticking with the style is important, but you also want to modernize the space if it is dated. This helps make your home appealing to the most amount of buyers as possible.  It’s also important that they understand the market you are trying to appeal to. For example, in the starter home budget, you want to stage your property to appeal to a younger clientele.


  1. Consider Budget

 Pick a stager in your budget so you are not spending more out of pocket than is necessary for your home. While staging is a good return on the investment make sure the stager’s price tag is not unrealistic for your particular needs. 


  1. Pick a Reputable/Experienced Stager

Ask your realtor for a referral or work with your realtor to choose your stager.  Not all stagers are alike.  You do not want to spend money on staging that doesn’t enhance your space as it should.  A good stager will have a portfolio, website or photo gallery of previous stages that you should review to make sure the stager is a good fit for your property. Meet with the potential stagers and hear their ideas regarding staging your home as well to make sure you are on the same page before choosing the right stager.


  1. Staging Rental Periods

Ask for three months rental on anything they bring in as part of staging your home so that you have time to sell without extra costs.


  1. Make Sure the Shutters Match the Drapes 😉 

In all seriousness…make sure your landscaping is in good condition so the outside reflects the same efforts as the inside of the home.  Curb appeal is very important because it is the first and last thing every buyer sees.  You want your house to have a great first and lasting impression.


These tips will go a long way to help in staging your home so that you can get it sold fast and at maximum profit.  If you have any questions on how to implement these tips, please contact me. I’m here to help! 


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