Six Keys to Selling Your Home with a Marketing & Sales Strategy

When selling your home you want to maximize all the resources available for the best return and quickest sale.  This often requires multiple tactics. You need an accurate market analysis, creativity in home preparation, and in today’s competitive landscape a multi-media marketing strategy is a must.

A powerful real estate marketing and sales strategy works to accurately target potential buyers and create high demand for your property. 

Here are my top keys to successful real estate marketing:

Key 1 Price Appropriately:

Always price your home based on comprehensive market analysis. Don’t let unrealistic pricing be a roadblock to a sale. If you price a home properly based on the other comparable active homes and homes sold in the area, you should expect a lot of interest.


Key 2 Make Your Home Shine:

Doing a small amount of work to prepare your home to show in the best possible light will help sell your property for the highest price. Make sure you do the right repairs and updates to make your home attractive to potential buyers. 


Key 3 Think of Your Home as a Supermodel: 

For models, beautiful headshots from a professional photographer are a must. The same goes for your property.  Schedule a photoshoot with a pro that uses state of a state of art photography for print, video, and 3d tours. The right photos will have an impact on potential buyers. 


Key 4  Maximize Exposure:  

 It’s important to promote the home in all media outlets including social media, websites, and print media.  Use outreach to top agents in the area, email distribution to local agents that specialize in the area, and flyer distribution in the community and single-family homes in the area to get the most eyeballs on your property. 


Key 5 Show Show Show: 

Schedule as many private showings as possible immediately upon listing the home in the MLS.  This is a sure-fire way to generate as many offers as possible. When you have multiple offers on a property the sale price is often higher than the asking price. 


Since getting your home in front of the right customers is critical, a good agent will employ a cohesive marketing strategy so that your property gets noticed and you get the most lucrative deal. 


If you have questions about how to implement any of these strategies, I’ve got answers! Contact me today for a free home evaluation and get started with your real estate marketing plan. 

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